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​For the first time in South Africa, SAVOA has pioneered a platform to enable everybody to learn and/or improve the skill of voice-over. We offer fun, informative and interactive workshops, authored by one of SA’s leading voice-over experts and a member of our team, Craig Ross. Learn the techniques, exercises and industry secrets that will fast track you into the exciting world of voice-over in a professional
world-class studio environment.

If you have ever been told that you have a great sounding voice or if you perhaps have a flair for reading and telling stories, then YOU could become a professional voice-over artist.
BUT, it’s not all that easy!

The professional artists who do earn a (very good) living from renting out their voices have spent years crafting their skill and know all the secrets and techniques to become not just a good voice-over artist, but a great one!

SAVOA now offer Booth Camp Coaching Workshops in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth, as well as Online via Zoom Meeting Platform.
​We will equip you to start or boost your career in voice-over.

– What is voice over and how does the industry work
– The affected and Non affected voice
– Voice Over prerequisites
– Vocal dynamics (Volume, pitch, rhythm, tone.)
– Sight-reading
– Vocal warmups and Tongue twisters
-Tone and Emotion in the voice
– Voice over delivery styles and how they associate with different brands and industry.
– Voice Modulation
– Inflection training
– Breathing training
– Voice Over Scripts
– Unpacking a brief
– Marking your script
– Hitting, pausing, stressing, sentence flow
– Marketing your voice
– Creating the perfect voice demo for you
– The business of voice over
– Voice Over agents ​

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