SAVOA   Agency

Emanating from the growing interest and success of the South African Voice Over Academy founded by CEO and Head Coach Craig Ross, together with partner and managing director Selwyn Shandel, the Academy has to date coached well in excess of 1000 students around the globe over the past 6 years. This incredible pool of trained voice talent gave rise to the formation of SAVOA Voice and Production Agency (Pty)Ltd.

SAVOA’s unique turnkey operation was initiated during the movement restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic early in 2020. The advertising industry has since moved into a space where the voice over artist, the creative team, and a lot of the time, the “client”, are all being challenged to find new ways of working together remotely whilst still delivering quality recorded material to market.
SAVOA is still at the cutting edge of this industry revolution by introducing a new method of working with VOA’s and equipping them to record from home through our interactive online courses. SAVOA has gained the trust of its clients across the world by ensuring and maintaining quality home recording and mixing of the highest standard.

The process is simple and streamlined, the client emails SAVOA Agency with a detailed brief and description of usage, language and type of voices required. SAVOA will send client a quote within 24 hours accompanied by 4/5 suggested voices in accordance with the brief. Once the client has chosen the preferred voice for the project, SAVOA takes complete control of the voice direction as well as editing, mixing and production and will deliver finished masters within 48 hours from the time the client approves the voice and quote.

SAVOA V&P Agency draws on the rich and diverse SAVOA Academy voice talent and our voice offerings are updated with new talent on a regular basis. This, combined with Craig and Selwyn’s years of production and voice directing expertise is becoming increasingly popular with the company’s growing list of clients for passionately ensuring that their experience runs smoothly and efficiently no matter the scale, language, country or type of project.