Alan M

As a university lecturer in physics I have, for many years, projected my voice on the stage of the lecture theatre, and I have recently used voice over to narrate almost a hundred e-learning videos.

I am a scientist by training with a love of the arts. As a student I acted in plays, sang in choirs, and narrated audiobooks, and as a lecturer I acted in a radio play, took a course in creative writing, and wrote a novel.

My journey in voice over started with a SAVOA booth camp in 2019, and continued with group and now individual coaching with SAVOA.

I find that voice acting brings together the mind, emotions and voice to shape sound in a subtle and powerful way, taking me deep within and then out to the world.

My accent is English South African, and my voice has a range from a relaxed bass timbre to a dynamic high tone that lends itself to audiobook narration, character voices, and commercial soft sell, and corporate and narration genres of explainer, documentary, training, and e-learning.