Craig R

Craig Ross is a veteran 4th Generation Voice Over artist and Coach waging an all-out war on Voice Over mediocrity. Craig is the Co-Author of the SAVOA Voice Over Guide Book – “ Be Heard” available to all students who choose SAVOA as their preferred voice over coaching academy. Craig has also voiced many popular companies and brands like UNILIVER – VW – AUDI – SHOPRITE GROUP – PANADO – SPREPSILS – BMW – PEDIASURE – FERRARI – PORCHE -DUBAI HOTLES – SLOTTO MILLIONAIR – WEDDING BASHERS MNET – NEDBANK – FNB and the list goes on…Craig is currently Head coach and CEO of the South African Voice Over Academy.

Having created South Africa’s first ever Voice Over Academy, Craig encourages each artist he coaches to rethink the way their voice works. Craig says “There is so much melody and color to be found behind the text, if only we will see the music, the melody, behind the text, a rainbow full of color and tone, evoking emotions from your audience that will actually move them.

Cited as one of the most influential Voice Over Coaches to have emerged from the African continent and recognized as one of the top voice overs in country, Craig’s ability to unpack vocal component modulation and multiple delivery styles empowers each and every VO to leave  with not only your ‘ MIND BLOWN ‘ but empowered, encouraged, motivated and the skills you need to drive your success.

The extracurricular activities we take on — and stick with — throughout our lives can reveal a lot about our passions, patience, or level of dedication. Craig is always, and has always been Playing, voicing, coaching, reading or writing about voice over.

Craig Ross is a professional voice over expert with a proven track record of helping individuals build a strong presence through the use of their voice across multiple platforms. Most recently he created a platform to enhance and encourage vocal confidence in our children, our future leaders called SAVOA kids among many more exciting platforms to be announced later this year.