Eva B

Eva grew up and studied Architecture in Germany. In 1998 she emigrated to South Africa.

She stopped practicing Architecture in 2015 and became a trainer.

During Covid physical training was not sustainable. Eva says:

I had to record tutorials – with no experience, no confidence about my voice, I didn’t even know I had a one. Here I had my first Studio experience.

To improve on my voice skills, I enrolled at the Voice Clinic – with one-on-one voice coaching. It was not what I expected, but it was an experience that opened the door to a new career path.

At the SAVOA Booth Camp I met Head Coach and Voice Over Artist Craig Ross. My enthusiasm became unstoppable, and I continued one-on-one coaching sessions with Craig. I still write and record e-learning tutorials and have a passion for documentaries and storytelling, but I also love travel, chocolate, and crazy fast cars.

I am fluent in German and speak an international English.