Mmambo is a charismatic, vibrant and dynamic young man with a passion for people, learning and creativity. Currently enrolled as a BA Law undergraduate at the University of Wits, he aspires to leverage all his skills and talents to make an impactful contribution to the world that will last generations and benefit them all.

In the booth, Mmambo is a natural. Boasting a cool deep voice with a dynamic vocal range he shows himself capable of varied deliveries.

Despite his confidence and natural ability, he soon realised the importance of upskilling himself and thus attended the SAVOA Boothcamp where he managed to impress his coaches and fellow voice talents alike.

He remains, however, eager to always remain a student and learn from all those around him. His desire to animate a script and produce emotion in the listener inspires Mmambo to want to be one of the very best, as he considers such an endeavour to be the height of artistic expression, and a privilege of divine proportions.

What could be taken as a lack of experience is easily overlooked by a mixture of talent, good character and a ferocity exhibited towards the achieving of his dreams. In so doing, Mmambo always aims to please; giving the client all they want and more.

It is for all these reasons that he stands out as one to keep a very keen eye on for the near-future.

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